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Renew Where You Refresh

Bathrooms embody relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing you to prepare for the world or disconnect from it.

Or lip sync to loud music, using a hairbrush as a mic.

But whether you dream of stardom, a spa in your home, or an efficiently designed bathroom, we can help you. We’ll discuss your ideas, offer up a few of our own, and together create the bathroom of your dreams.

Do you want a spa oasis that draws you inside its sensual, comforting embrace? We can create a luxurious escape right inside your home. Although we don’t supply spa food, we do supply a range of fixtures with features that will give you the spa experience.

Or perhaps you’re more of a shower-and-run person who needs a bathroom designed for efficiency. We can install that towel warmer right where you grab your towel, and set up proper shelving so everything’s easy to reach.

What else is part of your dream bathroom renovation? Accessibility features? We can help you with that. Reduced water usage? You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the range of environmentally-friendly bathroom fixtures on the market today.

We offer free interior decorating with all bathroom renovations, and our 3D modelling will help you perfectly picture your bathroom renovation before we start.

Because in the end, this is your dream, your getaway, your space for rejuvenation. You need to create it exactly as you envision it.


The right features in your bathtub or shower can wash the day’s stresses away.


Add ample storage space for all your favourite bath and beauty products.


Choose fixtures with features that help you refresh, relax or both.

Some of our Bathroom Renovation Projects