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Finish your basement with one of these 8 renovation themes

Capitalize on the untapped potential of your basement

Too often, basement spaces are underutilized, unused, and neglected. Why waste untapped potential? An investment into a finished basement can maximize your home’s value immensely, producing up to a 70% ROI. Livable square footage is highly in demand, and a finished basement is a fantasy ic selling feature that will surely raise your home’s appraisal value.

Laundry and crammed (no judgement!) storage areas are not the only uses for your basement space. With a little imagination, planning, and the help of Borman Construction, you can transform your basement into a spectacular, enjoyable space for you and your loved ones. Say goodbye to using the words “dark”, “dingy”, and “drab” to describe your basement, and use these 8 basement themes to inspire your upcoming renovation plans.

Build a rental apartment for added income

With the decline in Canadian home purchases due to high mortgage rates and home prices, basement apartments have become a more attractive, affordable option for many. Regularly renting out a secondary space will generate additional income you can use on your property taxes, mortgage, or that watch you’ve been thinking about. Alternatively, having a basement studio can give your adult child, or your in-laws the privacy they need, while keeping them close by.

Add additional bedrooms

Not ready to commit to an additional apartment project? Considering re-sell value? A simple, spare bedroom (or two) makes for an easy transition for new home buyers to decorate and renovate as they please. If you enjoy entertaining and having guests over to visit, subsidiary sleep spaces are a great way to house your friends. Expanding your family? No need to have your children share rooms. Furthermore, basement bedrooms provide the privacy that your teenager or adult child desires.

Home Gym Contractor

Home Gym

Making time to drive over to the gym and have a solid workout session can be challenging. Save yourself the membership fees and make things convenient by bringing the gym to you. No more waiting for machines, loud music, or funky smells to deter you from hitting your fitness goals. Solid flooring that can withstand impact, an open concept space to enable the free movement of equipment, you, and your personal gym are all you need to keep yourself in shape.

Wet Bar and Entertainment Room

Whether you’re a wine/whiskey/beer/cocktail aficionado, a frequent dinner host, or brushing up on your bartending skills, having a wet bar gives you and your guests a space to relax and unwind. Pairing your wet bar with an entertainment room enhances the space, giving your man cave dual purpose. Put on a sports game and pour a beer for your buddies, and you’ve effectively transformed your man cave into a pub/sports bar. Add racks and populate them with wines from your favourite regions and growing seasons, and you have a sommelier’s dream setup. When it comes to designing a wet bar paired with an entertainment room, there are endless possibilities!

Home Theatre

Speaking of endless possibilities…a home theatre is a creative and fun design venture. Collaborating with an interior designer can open your eyes up to the various ways you can enjoy your favourite TV shows with your family, a sports match with your friends, or movies with your fellow movie buffs. Based on your preferences, a custom basement renovation can enable a more comfy, cozy movie experience, or something a little more luxurious, bringing you the full cinema experience. We can smell the popcorn already.

Kid’s Playroom

You’re walking to the fridge to get an afternoon snack for yourself when…Ouch!! What was that?! Your foot is hurting. You lift it, and… to nobody’s surprise, see Legos scattered all over the floor. Looks like the kids are getting creative. What if your kids could have a dedicated place to let their imaginations run wild? A place where they could store their toys, art supplies, and games. Somewhere they could play, sing, and dance, without the stress, mess, and disruption that comes with it, away from the common spaces. Well, we’ve got two words for you: personal playground.

Games Room

Why do the kids get to have all the fun? Unleash your inner child and have some creative freedom designing a games room. Ping pong, darts, cards, pool, video games, bowling, and even a karaoke lounge are all possibilities for your custom recreation room. Host a family game night, e-sports tournament, or personal concert. Too cold outside for golf? Add an indoor golf simulator to your basement and work on your swing through the winter. A game room is a fantastic bonus space where you can get competitive, let loose, and most importantly…have fun.

Private Office/Study

The way we work has drastically changed on a global scale. In March of 2021, 30% of Canadians were working from home. Since the introduction of return-to-office, Canadian employees are pushing for hybrid and flexible work accommodations. It’s time to clear your home-office equipment off your dining table and utilize your unfinished basement space. For the entrepreneurs out there, separate your personal life and professional life, and get the privacy you deserve by having your own basement office, away from distractions that impact your productivity.

Feeling Inspired?

We sure are. With ~10 years of experience, we at Borman are here to listen and learn about your needs, understand your ideas, and turn your dreams into reality. You will have full visibility, and be connected with us throughout the entire process, from design to finish. You will see a fully furnished 3D-design of your basement-to-be, prior to your renovation start. We’re with you every step of the way.

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