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Things to consider before your renovation

Create your own drawings

Sketch out your dream so that we have a good understanding of your ideas and how they may fit into your existing space.

Safety first

Any construction site is fraught with danger especially so in your own home where you feel safest.  Whether it be for pets, children, or yourself, you want to be prepared beforehand.  

Open communication

The better we communicate, the better the outcome.  It’s important for us to get on the same page early and work as team to make your vision come true.

Plan for the future

Most home renovations have short-term goals in mind.  It’s a good idea to plan further into the future to avoid potential costly renovations down the road should your needs change in the long-term.

Know your space

There’s nothing worse than feeling cramped in a space you tried to fit too much into.  Our 3D mockups help avoid this.  Plan your space well so you have room to live in your new renovation.

Set a reasonable timeline

Making sure you leave time for adjustments and unavoidable delays is important.  There are almost always surprises once a project gets started so it’s important to allow time to deal with whatever comes our way.

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