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Beneath Your Feet: The Top Bathroom Flooring Options and How to Choose the Right One

Bathroom floors

In the grand scheme of interior design, the flooring beneath your feet often plays a silent but pivotal role. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the bathroom, where floors bear the brunt of daily foot traffic and moisture exposure. Whether you’re embarking on a bathroom remodel or simply contemplating an upgrade, selecting the right […]

The Backyard Revolution: How Kitchener-Waterloo Embraces Tiny Homes for Resale Value

Tiny backyard home

In the heart of Ontario lies the bustling twin cities of Kitchener-Waterloo (KW), an area steeped in history yet evolving rapidly to match the pace of the 21st century. Known for its tech hubs, vibrant communities, and rich Mennonite heritage, KW is now witnessing a unique transformation in its housing sector. Amidst the traditional family […]

The Toasty Temptation of Heated Floors: Is It Worth the Splurge?

Heated bathroom flooring

Every modern homeowner has been there: leafing through a glossy design magazine or scrolling a home renovation website and being utterly entranced by the allure of radiant heated bathroom floors. There’s a certain seductive promise to them — the idea of stepping onto a warm surface during a chilly morning, the steam from your shower […]

Navigating the Unexpected: Dealing with Surprise Issues During a Bathroom Renovation

What's behind your walls?

As a seasoned general contractor, I understand the excitement that accompanies the beginning of a new bathroom renovation. You’ve meticulously chosen your new fixtures, picked out the perfect tiles, and are eagerly anticipating the transformation of your space. But what happens when the unexpected occurs, such as discovering mold or unforeseen plumbing problems? 50% to […]

Basement ceiling ideas to add functionality & style

Your basement ceiling is an often-overlooked aspect of your renovation.  We get it, you don’t walk on it, you don’t hang art on it or really interact with it much in any way.  This all makes your basement ceiling of the places where you may be tempted to save money.   But there’s more to think […]

What does it really cost to finish your small basement?

Basement and home renovation Kitchener Waterloo

Renovating a basement can be a great way to add value to your home while increasing your living space. However, before diving into a renovation project, it’s important to understand the costs associated with the project. In Kitchener, Ontario, renovating a 500 to 750 sq/ft basement can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $75,000 or more […]

Put a golf simulator in your basement to practice golf year round

We all live in Canada, and as golfers, we all resent having to pack away our golf clubs between October & April. That’s 7 months for your swing to sloppy and weak, 7 months to forget all the progress you’ve made, 7 months where you can’t enjoy the game you love. Are you sick of […]

Finish your basement with one of these 8 renovation themes

Capitalize on the untapped potential of your basement Too often, basement spaces are underutilized, unused, and neglected. Why waste untapped potential? An investment into a finished basement can maximize your home’s value immensely, producing up to a 70% ROI. Livable square footage is highly in demand, and a finished basement is a fantasy ic selling […]

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